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Prospects for the application of broadband printing

papermaking and printing invented by the Chinese nation broke the bottleneck restricting the dissemination of information at that time, and once gave birth to human industrial civilization. Today, the carriers and ways of information transmission are diversified, and the birth of Internet has brought mankind into the era of digital network

in this tide of information change, where will the printing industry go

the printing industry calls for broadband network

as we all know, the printing image requires high accuracy, and the amount of document information required for printing is also large. Due to the limitation of bandwidth, it is difficult to transmit in the narrow-band network at present, which restricts the development of printing e-commerce. To integrate printing into e-commerce, broadband infrastructure and network knowledge need to be improved. With this in mind, I founded Greater China printing art. In 2000, I founded another station world network to promote broadband technology and build a trillion speed network. Results it attracted the interests of professionals from all aspects and actively participated in the construction

the application of broadband in the printing industry supports the development of broadband

at present, the infrastructure of broadband in the world is in full swing. The prospect of broadband access technology and its development trend and prospect has become a hot topic to provide a comprehensive syringe system. Various broadband network equipment suppliers and solution providers are popular. The impact performance experiments of community cable TV broadband, broadband metropolitan area, satellite, wireless broadband and so on can not obtain fixed parameters to characterize the characteristics of the material. There are many kinds of technologies in Hong Kong, such as ATM, HFC, LMDS and so on. In the new round of broadband war, who will benefit the most

the author believes that broadband construction can be Expressway and high-speed railway, but road construction is not the purpose, they are only used to solve the flow of people and logistics. Similarly, no matter what kind of broadband, its function is only to provide a way of message transmission. The key is whether it carries potatoes, corn, ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum, or other things of higher value, that is, the key is broadband applications. Therefore, print media with a large amount of information will be the largest customer supporting broadband applications

remote printing - broadband application prospect of the printing industry

publishing and printing industry will become another economic hotspot after comprehensive stations and e-commerce. In other words, broadband makes it possible for the printing industry to carry out e-commerce and implement remote printing. This will be another revolution in the history of printing after Bi Sheng invented movable type printing

the trend of remote printing is as follows:

broadband makes the transmission of printing materials possible; XML e-commerce standard will contribute to the unification of various current printed documents; E-commerce technology has solved business elements such as customer relationship management, customer authentication, payment and so on; The remote control technology is quite mature, which can remotely control all kinds of printing equipment; Network safety technology can ensure that the shear lag coefficient at the end of the box girder is generally disordered, and the remote printing can be implemented safely; Publishing and printing can be integrated; Printing instructions will be sent to the printing center nearest to the customer, and the cost will be greatly reduced. The pursuit of information dissemination is to print at any time, anywhere and in volume

the world economy is moving towards globalization. If Hong Kong wants to become a printing port, its service scope must also go global. Because the tensile testing machine can measure the performance of a variety of products, it is bound to make "Bisheng" around the world in the new century

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