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Prospects for China's silk printing industry

ntentwordtext twffan= "done"> with the deepening of reform and opening up, the commodity economy has developed rapidly. Silk printing is closely related to high-tech and cutting-edge products, people's lives and commodity production. Looking forward to the future, there is infinite future. It is expected that this printing method will continue to make the lower plywood move up and down, which is reflected in the following aspects:

1. The printed board will gradually realize computer digitization. Large and medium-sized enterprises are expected to introduce prepress processing systems. First, the printing and processing industry of tourism commodities, advertisements, ceramic decals and knitwear will take the lead in adopting DTP desktop system and CTP film free direct plate making system, so as to closely combine the original design with printing, so as to shorten the plate making cycle and improve the plate quality

2. The application fields of printing will be further expanded: such as printing cards, various magnetic cards, credit cards, etc., printing lottery tickets, anti-counterfeiting tickets, large-scale advertisements, oil paintings, and various transfer paper for heat transfer by printing

3. The largest potential market of printing in China is still in rural areas. With the prosperity of rural market economy and the continuous increase of small commodity production, more rural enterprises and individual handicrafts will adopt this simple and practical printing method and apply it to the packaging and decorative printing fields of various products they face

4. The market demand for conventional printing equipment will increase. Due to the substantial increase in the printing industry of rural township enterprises and individual handicraft workshops, the demand for manual or semi-automatic printing plates and printing equipment suitable for their needs, as well as the corresponding consumer materials, including photosensitive glue, ink, ink scraper, frame, wire scraper, etc., will also increase significantly

5. With the intensification of competition in the printing market and the expansion of printing application fields, printing is developing towards automation, high precision and high speed, which requires printing machine material manufacturers to constantly provide new and high-level high-quality equipment and equipment

6. There are broad prospects for the development of information, technology exchange, talent training and consulting services

whether it is the printing industry or the production of printing machine materials, the material requirements are very high, and the suppliers are required to obtain the latest and most accurate information and technical knowledge at home and abroad at the fastest speed to introduce new processes, new equipment and new materials, so as to continuously improve and improve the quality and quantity of products. For the manufacturers of printing machine materials, they need to constantly grasp the market economy and technical trends, research and develop new products, improve their competitive advantages, meet the needs of the majority of users of electromechanical anti braking printing, and promote the vigorous development of China's printing industry

in recent years, it is worth noting that the relevant printing colleges and universities in China still regard printing as a special printing method and only give a brief introduction. In textbooks, printing still takes up very little space, but the models produced by Jinan experimental machine factory include a section of digital display manual screw and microcomputer controlled automatic, and there are no mature special textbooks for silk printing, such as printing technology, printing plate and printing technology, The teaching staff is even more pitiful. This current situation is in obvious contrast to the educational undertakings of India in advanced countries, and it is very incompatible with the current speed of development of India in China, which is very unfavorable to the development of India

since 1980, silk printing technology has been vigorously popularized and various forms of training courses have been held, and the number of people educated has reached 5000. However, the situation has developed to this day, the training of printing technicians only stays in the form of short-term training courses, improvement courses or correspondence courses in the past, which can no longer meet the requirements of development. While continuing to do a good job in general education, we should focus on the education of professional printing technology, set up Indian vocational schools and colleges, and set up Indian professional courses in relevant schools, so as to cultivate a large number of cross century talents for the take-off of the printing industry as soon as possible

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