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Prospects for the development of packaging technology in the 21st century (3)

III. new packaging technology new packaging technology refers to the manufacturing technology in the process of packaging production. The development of packaging technology is realized by the development of related disciplines. For example, the packaging molding process, packaging bonding process, packaging printing process, packaging finishing (post press surface treatment) process will be innovated, and will be more scientific and perfect in the detection process with the influence of factors such as mold structure and forming conditions. In the future, many new processes will be used for packaging to form new packaging processes, such as extrusion, hot pressing, stamping and other molding processes of plastic packaging, which will be used for paper packaging molding; Plastic foaming is also a kind of insulation material with excellent cost performance in the external wall insulation system. The technology will also be used for the foaming and molding of paper mold packaging products, so that the products that cannot be packaged with paper but must be packaged with plastic in the past will also be packaged with paper. The post press processing technology of packaging is more scientific and applicable. For example, the wax coating and film coating in the surface treatment of carton packaging have been gradually replaced by surface gluing (glue spraying), and now there are various new glazing processes, such as local glazing and bright surface stereoscopic 8.1) module unit: flexible interchange glazing of various accessories and fog surface stereoscopic glazing, etc. The drying process of carton packaging will also change from ordinary hot drying to UV curing and microwave heating drying, and its drying and forming will be more energy-saving, fast and reliable. There are also anti-counterfeiting packaging production and technology, which will change from local anti-counterfeiting to overall anti-counterfeiting; From surface anti-counterfeiting to inner anti-counterfeiting, which makes the confidentiality and anti-counterfeiting effect more reliable. Packaging technology is the fastest developing, fastest changing and most diverse technology. Advanced technology is an important guarantee to ensure whether packaging products with good effects can be produced. Therefore, new packaging technology is also a technical content that many manufacturers compete to study and block each other. (unfinished)

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